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Sedation Dentistry
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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry refers to the practice by which pharmacological agents are applied to calm and relax a patient prior to or during a dental procedure. These pharmacological agents predominantly used belong to a class of drugs referred to as sedatives, and they achieve their intended purpose by causing a depressed effect on the central nervous system, in particular those concerned with conscious awareness.

Like any other type of sedation, sedation dentistry has three levels namely mild, moderate and deep. These levels vary from patient to patient and are often determined by the intensiveness of the dental procedure or the expected degree of response to stimulation.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

The first, is the increased relaxation and comfort it causes to the patient, thereby making a dental procedure a relatively peaceful affair as the patient is more cooperative.

Additionally, it also helps control body movements as well as gag reflexes that might interfere with the procedure.

Last but not least, it is required in cases where little or no memory retention of the treatment is required. It is also worth mentioning that it saves time as fewer medical appointments are required.

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