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Dental Emergency Treatment in Lindfield

When You Need Help, Give Us a Call...

Dental emergencies can be very serious and should never be ignored. Choosing to ignore a dental problem can raise the odds of permanent damage occurring, along with a potentially higher cost of treatment in the long run. Knowing which injuries qualify as a dental emergency and need immediate care is important to ensure the safety of your family’s teeth and their well-being. Knowing what doesn’t qualify as a dental emergency is just as important so you don’t waste your time driving in the middle of the night for something that could have waited until the morning.

Dental emergencies such as a cracked, broken or knocked out tooth are often the result of biting a hard piece of food, falling down, or suffering from a sports-related injury. Whether or not a chipped tooth or fracture can wait for normal operating hours is dependent on the severity and location of the injury.

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Dr. Caroline Downing

Choosing a Dentist

Dr Downing and the team of providers at North Shore Smiles are highly experienced in all forms of dental care.  Together with their caring staff, they’ll accommodate your every need and make you feel at home during every visit.

If you find yourself experiencing a dental emergency, contact her office immediately and schedule an appointment. If your emergency is outside of normal office hours, you can call her 24-hour service or use our online appointment book to schedule an emergency visit.

During your initial consultation, she will carefully listen to all your needs and work with you to devise the best plan for your situation. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Common Dental Emergencies and How To Handle Them

Severe Toothache

If you’re suffering from a severe toothache, start by rinsing your mouth with warm water. You can also use dental floss to remove any lodged food that might be causing pain or discomfort. If you experience little relief from over the counter tooth medications, call the office so we can see you as soon as possible.

Knocked Out Tooth

If your tooth is knocked out, retrieve it and hold it by the crown. Proceed to rinse the tooth off with warm water but remember not to scrub it or scrape off any tissue fragments. Also, don’t force it into the socket. Instead, place it in a small container that is filled with milk or a saltwater solution. Teeth that are returned to their socket within an hour of being knocked out have the highest chances of being saved, so don’t waste any time getting to our clinic as soon as possible. Call our office and we'll fit you in for an emergency appointment and do everything he can to save the tooth.


Abscesses are infections around the root of the tooth or in the space where your teeth meet the gums. Abscesses may be a serious issue and can damage teeth and surrounding tissue. If left untreated, it can even spread the infection to other parts of your body. Due to the problems that abscesses can cause, call the office as soon as you notice any pimple-like and painful swelling on your gums. In the interim, you may temporarily ease the pain and draw the pus toward the surface by rinsing your mouth with a saltwater solution a few times a day.

Lost a Crown

If your crown falls off or becomes dislodged, call the office to make an appointment. We’ll get your crown back into position and fixed in no time. Be sure to bring the crown with you, and don’t try to reattach it yourself as this could cause more harm than good.

Broken Wires and Braces

If a wire sticks out of a bracket/band or breaks and begins to poke your gum, tongue, or cheek, you can try to push the wire into a more comfortable position by using the eraser of a pencil (be sure to not use the writing end.) If you can’t reposition it, cover the end of the wire with a small cotton ball until you can get to the office. Never cut the wire off as you could inadvertently swallow or inhale it.

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Have a Dental Emergency? Get Help Now!

Accidents don’t wait for you to book an appointment, they can occur at any time of the day or night. Some injuries might require immediate treatment, while others might be minor enough to wait for regular business hours.

If you are experiencing a dental issue or emergency, call us right away to discuss your options and see if we can get you in right away for treatment. Call Dr Downing’s clinic immediately and schedule an appointment with her staff.

Call now or use our convenient online scheduler to book in your FREE Smile Assessment appointment with Dr Downing at her office in Lindfield.