How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Dentist for Your Smile Makeover

Does the smile staring back at you in the mirror make you want to frown? Fact is, most of us will deal with discolouration, misaligned, decayed, damaged or missing teeth at some point in our lives. Whether stemming from health conditions or simply a part of the natural ageing process, a cosmetic dentist can help give you the smile makeover you deserve.

Each year millions of individuals undergo smile makeover treatments both in Australia and around the world, but choosing the right cosmetic dentist is just as important as the decision to get a smile makeover in the first place.

In this guide, we’ll help walk you through the steps you can take to make sure you choose the right cosmetic dentist for the job. Choosing wrong could result in painful or uncomfortable complications, and the need for further dental work down the road…no one wants that.

Why a Smile Makeover is So Impactful, and Why Choosing the Right Dentist Matters

A smile makeover has quickly risen to become one of the most popular cosmetic dental services across Australia. For those with broken, damaged or failing teeth, this procedure can reliably restore the look, form and function of your pearly whites. Those who have the procedure note a marked increase in self-confidence, and are left with a smile they can’t wait to show off.

As life-changing as a smile makeover can be, choosing the wrong dentist can leave patients with regret. Due to the complexity of such procedures, and the interdisciplinary nature of the techniques and treatments involved, it’s critically important that you choose a dentist who has the experience, training, education and a documented track record of success for your procedure.

Choosing a Cosmetic vs General Dentist

Although general dentists have a broad understanding of dentistry, they don’t focus their treatment and work on any one particular area or solution. Think of them as a solid “jack of all trades”, able to handle everything from fillings to pulling teeth. They are, however, not usually the best option for cosmetic dentistry.

A cosmetic dentist has devoted their educational and professional career to the field of cosmetic dentistry. The entire focus of their practice is to provide cosmetic dental services aimed at enhancing the aesthetics, look and appeal of their patient’s teeth while also improving performance.

Schedule a Consultation, and Take Your Time

The consultation isn’t just about discussing specific procedures and determining if you are a good candidate for them. It is also a time when you can get to know your cosmetic dentist, ask questions, and “feel them out”.

When discussing your goals, your dentist should make you feel comfortable, take time to answer your questions, and give you a sense of reassurance.

Evaluating Past Work and Patient Outcomes

It may be tempting to take a dentist at their word. After all, they are well-educated and certified by the appropriate dental associations. But what about the quality of work they do. Online reviews can only tell you so much. Don’t be afraid to ask for a portfolio of similar cases to yours and the ‘before and after’ pics. Similar to an artist, most cosmetic dentists will be eager to show off their masterpieces. This exercise may help you choose the right procedures, shape, colour and more, as well as the right dentist.

What Kind of Technology do They Use?

The field of cosmetic dentistry is an ever-evolving one, with innovations in both procedure and technology resulting in enhanced outcomes and faster healing. At Smile Design Studio we keep abreast of the latest cosmetic dental techniques, equipment and procedures, ensuring our patients are getting the level of treatment they deserve.

The Smile You Deserve with a Smile Makeover by Dr Vicky Ho

More than just a dental clinic, our team is comprised of passionate, talented and experienced dental professionals eager to help change our patient’s lives for the better, one smile at a time.

Finding the right dentist for your smile makeover is a critical first step to getting the smile you deserve. Reach out today for an initial consultation and find out why so many patients across Perth trust us to keep them smiling.